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Our customizable leather notebooks

Rediscover the Art of Personal Expression with our Customizable Leather Notebooks!

customizable leather notebooks with marking

Immerse yourself in the world of ultimate personalization with our brand new leather notebooks where you are the artist! I am personally convinced of the power of personal expression.

It all started with the request of one of my clients whom I thank very much for having inspired me, to protect his favorite book in a beautiful case, a leather book cover, so I made prototypes and had the I wanted to adapt it by making a notebook where I could take various notes. A bullet journal or Bujo for those in the know.

I immediately fell in love with this touch, this refined and luxurious accessory which is now everywhere with me. I already own several in fact, the passion was born.

Your Style, Your Notebook and an engraving that speaks

Express yourself through every detail. Choose the color and texture of leather that reflects your personality, and personalize your notebook with an engraving that inspires you.

What makes Manegane notebooks truly special is the possibility of having an inscription of your choice laser engraved.

Whether it's a drawing that inspires you, a quote that motivates you, or a personal mantra, you can have it engraved exactly where you want it on your notebook, adding a touch of uniqueness to every page.

I carry out the research and make suggestions to you in advance, we define everything together for Your notebook.

Notebooks in your image:

customizable colorful leather notebooks Make your notebook an extension of yourself. Add a personal touch by choosing the color of the elastic, the A5 or A6 size, and other details that match your lifestyle. (magnetic tab, elastic with leather protection on the edge, different card slots or space to store a pencil....)
Quality colored, metallic or neutral elastics:
You choose the color from our high quality elastics from Northern Europe.
Made of 50% rubber and 50% polyester ensuring good resistance.
Pink, blue, nude beige, metallic gold and many more to offer you to combine with the leather of your notebook.

A unique experience :

bullet journal with marking

Let your creativity run wild and explore the endless customization possibilities. Each notebook is an invitation to explore, create and tell your story. Diary, private notes, inspirations, photo collages, memories, recipes passed down, personal mantras, travel... the list is endless and your notebook is refillable which allows you to keep it for a long time.

Everyday Elegance:

personalized bullet journal Whether you're a busy professional, a budding artist, or an avid traveler, our leather notebooks are the perfect companion for capturing your daily thoughts, ideas, and adventures.

Start Your Journey:

Consider the color and texture of your customizable leather notebook today and begin your journey to ultimate self-expression. Each page is a blank canvas just waiting for your inspiration.

Imagine a notebook that has your personal imprint on every page. You are in charge. Choose with me the color of the leather of the cover that matches your style, from the elastic that keeps it closed, to the size of your favorite notebook, whether it is a spacious A5 or a compact A6, everything is possible.

Your story starts here, with a bullet journal with a unique cover!

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