Passionate about vintage and lovers of unique pieces. Here, you will discover an exclusive collection of vintage belt buckles, meticulously sourced by me.

Each belt buckle offered here has a story and a soul. By choosing one of these pieces, you are participating in upcycling, an eco-responsible gesture that gives new life to objects from the past. Our buckles, steeped in history, combine perfectly with our high-quality leathers to create personalized belts, combining style and durability.

Each belt is handcrafted and tailor-made for you. Choose from a selection of buckle widths to suit your trouser loop. Let me know the ideal colors that you would like to combine, I will give you a photo feedback, based on the best combinations. (material, thickness, color).

The price of your belt is determined as follows:

- Price of the strap alone to your measure: 50 euros

- Loop price: depending on the loop chosen

Steps to make your belt:

1/ Determine the desired width of your belt (20,25,35 mm....)

2/ Choose your buckle model from the sizes offered (20,25,35 mm....)

3/ Find the right size for your belt (3 measurement options in the image)

    Find the right size for your belt here

Créées pour vous

Chaque ceinture avec boucle est réalisée artisanalement et sur mesure pour vous. Choisissez parmi une sélection de largeurs de boucles adaptées à votre passant de pantalon. Enfin, choisissez votre taille et coloris de lanière en cuir.