Collection: Unique Manegane pieces

Welcome to the category of Unique Pieces, handcrafted with passion

Here, you will discover handmade items, which are completely different from the models shown.

As an artisan-creator it is good to take a step back sometimes to let the imagination develop again and creativity explode.

“When this is possible in time or when this call becomes irresistible, I take out the papers, pencils, paints to make a sketch, I develop and put together a specific pattern for this imagined product, then move on to production.

Really letting my imagination run wild, I'm having fun here by combining colors and materials for a piece that couldn't be more unique."

These creations can be reproduced for inspiration, but of course not identically, to preserve their authenticity in the pure creation.

These unique models are hot stamped with the Manegane logo but also numbered.

Créées pour vous

Chaque ceinture avec boucle est réalisée artisanalement et sur mesure pour vous. Choisissez parmi une sélection de largeurs de boucles adaptées à votre passant de pantalon. Enfin, choisissez votre taille et coloris de lanière en cuir.