Make room for the essential accessory in your wardrobe,

adjustable leather belts to wear like a jewel at the waist, around their faceted brass jewel ring

To combine with: dress, blouse, shirt, sweater dress, shorts or high waisted pants, vest etc....

Different sizes are available, it is possible to indicate your ideal size for a custom-made product.

10 holes distributed symmetrically allow you a pleasant size range to adapt to your outfits. It is possible to add holes to your belt order upon request.

These leather models are unlined and serve as an ornament; use for the sole purpose of holding up pants that are too large, for example, would be inappropriate.

Créées pour vous

Chaque ceinture avec boucle est réalisée artisanalement et sur mesure pour vous. Choisissez parmi une sélection de largeurs de boucles adaptées à votre passant de pantalon. Enfin, choisissez votre taille et coloris de lanière en cuir.