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80's inspiration

For several years now, we have seen major fashion houses offering their iconic bags in mini versions.

Strong clothing pieces are now accompanied by micro models and know how to get noticed. The feeling of lightness of the Mini would almost make us forget that we are carrying a bag. And yet! Because mini format absolutely does not rhyme with lack of charisma.

So we don't hesitate to choose it ultra colorful, and to boost your summer and winter outfits, the smaller it is, the more you can go for the fantasy.

For what occasion?

Multiple possibilities,

It truly is the perfect accessory for different occasions! Practical, lighter and more modern, it will be your ally to accompany you both in the evening and to a job interview. You can even slip it into a larger tote-style bag, and take it out as needed, a bit like a companion, which will keep the essentials, your cards, papers and phone.

You know the saying: “Everything small is cute”.

Well in terms of leather goods , it becomes especially ultra-desirable .

Our advices

To balance your entire outfit harmoniously, choose an outfit with clean lines: brown tinted glasses, an oversized raincoat and a pair of sneakers will do the job perfectly. Everything will create a link between the 80s and our decade.

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